Yuna Ito - THE BEST


Yuna Ito (伊藤 由奈, Itō Yuna) (born September 20, 1983) is an American pop singer-songwriter and actress who is active in Japan. She was born in Los Angeles and was raised in Hawaii. Ito made her musical debut with the single, "Endless Story", which was used as one of the theme songs for the 2005 film Nana; she also starred in the film, portraying Reira Serizawa. In 2006, Ito reprised her role as Reira for the sequel of the film singing the theme song, "Truth". In 2007, Ito released her debut album, Heart, which debuted atop the Oricon.



Early life and music interest

Ito was born to a Japanese father and a Korean-American mother in Los Angeles, California. Her family later moved to Oahu, Hawaii where she remained until the start of her singing career in Japan. From a young age Ito dreamed about becoming a singer, after being inspired by the powerful vocals of Mariah Carey. At the age of fifteen she was offered a music contract, but turned down because "they saw her as a girl and not a singer".

Initially when Ito told her parents of plans to become a singer they disapproved of her choice. Her parents wanted Ito to attend school and meet a "nice guy". Ito disagreed with her parents, saying they wanted to "compact her life into a storybook". Ito graduated from McKinley High School in 2001 and has a younger brother named Johnny.