Mika Nakashima - THE BEST


Mika Nakashima (中島 美嘉, Nakashima Mika?, born February 19, 1983 in Hioki, Kagoshima Prefecture) is a Japanese singer, model, and actress.

Early life and debut

Born and raised in Kyūshū, Mika was the youngest of three children. From a young age, she wanted to become a singer, and decided not to attend high school or college.

At the age of 17, she was chosen from 3,000 girls to be the heroine of the Fall 2001 Fuji TV drama, Kizudarake no Love Song (Tainted Love Song). In November, she made her debut with Sony Music Associated Records with the single "Stars," which was also the theme song of the drama. The single would go on to become her best-selling single. Her second single "Crescent Moon", an 80s themed song, was limited to 100,000 copies. It sold out the first day of its release. In March 2002 she released her third single, "One Survive," and her first video collection, "Film Lotus". This was followed in May by her 4th single, "Helpless Rain", and in August, by her 5th single "Will", which went on to rack up sales of over 140,000. Both were top ten hits and sold around 100,000 copies, proving Nakashima's rising star appeal.