Remioromen - THE BEST


Remioromen (レミオロメン?) is a rock band group formed in 2000.


* Ryota Fujimaki (藤巻亮太, Fujimaki Ryōta?) (b. January 12, 1980) is vocalist and plays guitar.
* Keisuke Maeda (前田啓介, Maeda Keisuke?) (b. September 11, 1979) plays bass guitar.
* Osamu Jinguuji (神宮司治, Jingūji Osamu?) (b. March 5, 1980) plays drums.



Remioromen was formed in December 2000 with their current three person line up. They claim that the name of the band has no real significance and was instead the result of wordplay. On November 25th of 2003 they did their first one-man live at SHIBUYA-AX. Since their inception the band has been steadily climbing to the top of the Oricon charts. For the release of Sangatsu Kokonoka (3月9日) (March 9th) they returned to their home town in the Yamanashi Prefecture to perform live in their old school's gymnasium. In 2005 Sangatsu Kokonoka was used in a choral arrangement for the drama Ichi Rittoru no Namida (1 Litre Of Tears) and Konayuki was used as the insert song. For the release of the single Sangatsu Kokonoka was included in an arrangement with a string quartet. This gained the band a great deal of popularity and Konayuki became one of the best selling singles of 2005. Their third album HORIZON has had high sales, making it # 1 on the Oricon Album charts for three weeks.

The first track in their album Kaze no Chroma, entitled Tsubasa, was the ending theme in the movie Major: Yuujou no Winning Shot which was based on the hit baseball manga made by Takuya Mitsuda.

Though Remioromen has never had a single rank at number 1, their recent releases have stayed on the charts for long periods of time and their overall sales have been quite high. Remioromen generally sticks to laid back pop/rock with catchy hooks.

In MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2006 (MTV VMAJ 2006) Remioromen Music Video "Konayuki" won The Best Pop Video Award.