Mami Kawada - THE BEST


Mami Kawada (川田まみ, Kawada Mami) is a J-pop singer who is currently signed to Geneon Entertainment Inc. She is also a member of the I've Sound who performs soundtracks for some eroge. Mami was usually paired up with co-I've member Kotoko when making soundtracks for anime. Examples of these are Onegai Teacher, Onegai Twins, Starship Operators, Shakugan no Shana, Baldr Force EXE Resolution OVA, and Hayate no Gotoku wherein Kotoko will perform the opening theme while Mami will perform the ending theme or vice versa. Her debut single "Radiance" which was released on February 23, 2005 was used as an opening theme for the anime Starship Operators. Her most successful single was "Joint", which was released on October 31, 2007 and used as the first opening theme for the sequel of the anime series Shakugan no Shana.




After a year of not releasing a single, Mami Kawada had another tie-up with another anime series entitled To Aru Majutsu no Index and performed its two opening themes entitled "PSI-Missing" as its first opening theme and "Masterpiece" as the second opening theme. Both of their coupling songs ("Ame" (雨?) and "Jellyfish" respectively) were also used as insert songs in the same anime series.

In autumn 2008, Mami Kawada also established her official website together with her official fan club entitled "M.A.L.L." which stands for "Mami Artist Lasting Live".

In June 2009, Kawada released her 8th single "L'Oiseau bleu" which means "Blue Bird" in English. This single is also present in the I've Sound 10th Anniversary 「Departed to the future」 Special CD BOX which was released earlier by their group last March 25, 2009.