Oblivion Dust - THE BEST


Oblivion Dust (OD) is a Japanese rock band that incorporate elements of electronic music to an indie rock format. They stand out due to their original style and because also a big part of their songs are written and sung in fluent English.



In May 1995 the band Addict of the Trip Minds stopped activities due differences in the direction of the band. The drummer Taka Motomura (who played in the self-titled album indie Addict of the Trip Minds in 94 and the bassist Derek Forbes (who had arrived short while ago to the band) decided reform the band starting over again and taking a "western style". In late 95´ they recruited K.A.Z as lead guitarist and in early 96´ recruited Ken Lloyd as vocalist and (in a beginning) guitarist. They started to make songs and went to Los Angeles, California to record their first album (which wasn't released until the following year) with Ray McVeigh (The Professionals, Zilch, Wild Crash 500, etc.) as producer (he would also be the producer of their second and third album), but once recording of the album was completed Derek Forbes dropped out of the band and was replaced on bass by Koozie Johns (Jer Koozie) as support member in a few shows from mid 1996 until the end of that year, then he left the band and was replaced by Matt Garrett as official member. In that moment, thanks to the help of Hide, they signed with alternative label Cutting Edge (an Avex sublabel) and the name of the band was changed Oblivion Dust, in September of 1996, being their debut under this name in November of 1996.

In January 1997, they released their first single entitled Sucker. March witnessed the release of their second single Numb. In April the group toured the West Coast of the United States with a series of 10 concerts. In May, they managed to release one more single and in June their first full length album entitled Looking for Elvis. In July, they returned to the West Coast of the United States to play 10 more concerts and Matt Garrett left the band. In September they did their first Japanese tour consisting of a total of 11 shows and 5 extra shows in October.

Early in 2008, Oblivion Dust had a short tour to signify their reformation. Then, they performed on one night of the two-night Hide Memorial Summit on 4 May, alongside X Japan, Luna Sea, and others.

The mid 2008, the band released the single "Girl in Mono / Bed of Roses" and then announced an album for the early 2009.

In early 2009 was announced the album was delayed because the members haven't got enough time due to their sides projects.