Little by Little - THE BEST


Little by Little is a Japanese rock band, consisting of vocalist Hideco and Tetsuhiko. Little by Little's record label is Sony Music Entertainment Japan and is attached to Stardust Promotion. They are mostly known for their contributions to anime, including "Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni" (悲しみをやさしさに?), the opening theme for the third season of Naruto, "Love & Peace", the second opening theme to Superior Defender Gundam Force, "Hummingbird", a closing theme of Yakitate!! Japan, and "Kimi Monogatari" (キミモノガタリ?), the third closing theme of Naruto: Shippūden.
The band itself is named for the song "Little by Little" from their favorite band Oasis.

Member Profiles

* Hideco (ヒデコ, Hideko?, Real name: Eiko Satō (佐藤 英子 Satō Eiko)), vocals.
* Tetsuhiko (テツヒコ, Tetsuhiko?, Real name: Testuhiko Suzuki (鈴木 哲彦 Suzuki Testuhiko), born July 31, 1968), composition.