Every Little Thing - THE BEST


Every Little Thing is a J-pop and soft rock duo from Japan who debuted in August 1996 with the release of their first single called "Feel My Heart". Their name is usually written in English, and only rarely in katakana or rōmaji.

Also known as ELT by their fans, Every Little Thing was originally a trio but became a duo in 2000 with Kaori Mochida as the singer and Ichiro Ito as the guitarist. Mitsuru Igarashi left ELT following the release of their 3rd original album "eternity" to produce for other artists like Dream and the now disbanded Day After Tomorrow, which was criticized for sounding too much like the early Every Little Thing.

In Taiwan, Every Little Thing is also known as 小事乐团.



* Kaori Mochida (持田 香織, Mochida Kaori?) (Born March 24, 1978) - vocalist, songwriter
* Ichiro Ito (伊藤 一朗, Itō Ichirō?) (Born November 10, 1967) - guitarist, composer, arranger
* Mitsuru Igarashi (五十嵐 充, Igarashi Mitsuru?) (Born May 17, 1969) - keyboardist, producer, songwriter (Left the band in 2000)